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In today’s fast-moving business world, software solutions are essential to remain competitive. However, embracing newer technologies alone will not deliver all the results needed. The flexibility to integrate new systems with existing legacy applications speeds organization-wide adoption and provides cost-effective


Big Data & Analytics

Every year, organizations produce voluminous reams of data on customers, suppliers, and internal operations. Analyzing big data can improve efficiencies, enhance marketing, and develop new revenue streams. However, the sheer volume of information is challenging to sift through and leverage.


GIS & Geomapping

A Geographic Information System (GIS) leverages the capabilities of commercial satellites to enable organizations to capture, store, manage, analyze, manipulate, and present spatial and/or geographic data. Nonprofits and corporations employ geomapping to illustrate geographical data in visual displays. Sarvatix engineers

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No business problem is big or small to us. We work with all types of clients (startups, non-profits, government, healthcare and commerical organizations) to develop and deliver solutions.

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Launching Soon: MarineTrack


MarineTrack™ is a cloud based GIS solution developed by the technology experts at Sarvatix. It provides an up-to-date mapping capability combining the industry leading satellite tracking technology with fully interactive maps, supported by a continuous delivery platform on the cloud. MarineTrack™

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What our Clients say

As part of our conservation efforts, we tag and track over three dozen manatees off the coasts of Belize, Cuba and Florida. Every week, it took our staff hours to process enough information from our satellite tracking database to give website visitors snapshots of the locations of our manatees. Despite our best efforts, by the time we posted the manatees’ locations, they would be outdated! We contacted Sarvatix to help us with this process and make it less time consuming. They came up with a complete GIS and data management solution that automated the entire process. Not only were the maps up-to-date, they were highly interactive. This freed up a great deal of valuable staff time. We continue to use Sarvatix, and highly recommend them to other marine conservation organizations that need an easier way of showcasing their efforts.

Dr. James Powell Executive Director, Sea2Shore Alliance

Recent Work

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