MarineTrack™ is a cloud based GIS solution developed by the technology experts at Sarvatix. It provides an up-to-date mapping capability combining the industry leading satellite tracking technology with fully interactive maps, supported by a continuous delivery platform on the cloud.

MarineTrack™ is a web-based solution that provides a common platform to public, private and government organizations working to rescue and rehabilitate marine animals  being tracked via a satellite tracking service. This solution allows organizations to reach the following goals:

  • Provide real-time tracking of tagged subjects.
  • Provide an easy way for organizations to integrate their satellite tracking programs with MarineTrack™.
  • Automatic retrieval and incorporation of recent satellite data.
  • Automate the process of working with satellite data.
  • Provide web-based tools for visualizing the satellite data.
  • Ability to analyze the tracking data.
  • Automatically create maps that can be displayed to the world.
  • An inherent role-based system that provides access and privilege control.
  • And many more features……

MarineTrack™ is available in multiple delivery platforms. Clients can opt to have a shared platform for managing their program, or opt to have a completely customized solution that can be deployed either on the cloud or on their servers.

Please contact us to get more information on availability and pricing.