In today’s fast-moving business world, software solutions are essential to remain competitive. However, embracing newer technologies alone will not deliver all the results needed. The flexibility to integrate new systems with existing legacy applications speeds organization-wide adoption and provides cost-effective scalability.

Effective design, development and delivery of software are prerequisites for success. Organizations can gain an edge by utilizing experts in the field. Sarvatix engineers are solution craftsmen who design and engineer solution development plans, working closely with clients to manage timely implementation within budget parameters.

Sarvatix supports projects end-to-end, from inception to deployment to maintenance. Our approach is multifaceted – In addition to providing the technical expertise to develop elegant solutions, we also help in supporting our client’s existing processes by refining project management cycles, setting up test environments, and managing quality assurance and requirements. We also provide clients post-deployment training, knowledge transfer, and support.

We offer solution development services in the following areas:

  1. Software application Design/Development
  2. Mobile Solution Development
    1. iOS and Android Native app development
    2. Hybrid app development
    3. HTML 5 based app development
  3. Bioinformatics & Health IT Solutions
  4. Service Oriented Architectures
  5. Agile Project Management
  6. Establish Agile/Scrum Practices – Many of our engineers are Agile/Scrum practitioners.
  7. Business Process Re-Engineering
  8. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  9. Cloud Based Hosting of solutions
  10. Automation & DevOps

Contact Us. We want to learn more about your needs and discuss how to know how we can collaborate.